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Motorway fees are calculated according to the distance covered. There are barriers in the entrance for passenger who wish to pay in cash to purchase tickets and for passengers who have problems with their OGS/HGS cards to be able to pass through. On the exit points, there are barriers to ensure controlled passage especially in cash tolls and to prevent passengers who experience problems with their OGS/HGS cards (due to unsufficient balance or electronic problems) being subject to unauthorized passage penalty. 

Of course, depending on the distance covered, you can pay with your Credir Card, Debit Card or in cash?

Speed limit at tolls is 20 km/s. You should maintain the following distance with the leading vehicle in case that it suddenly stops. 

Go to www.ysskoprusuveotoyolu.com.tr to calculate the current motorway fees by using the Fee Calculator on the home page. 

In such case, you will be issued a Illegal Pass Notification for your vehicle. In order not to face a 4-fold penalty, in addition to the regular passage fee, you should make payment by visiting any of the branches of Ziraat Bankası or Halkbank within 15 days by presenting your “License Plate Number” and “Illegal Pass Number”, if any.

For more information call our call center at “0850 502 7100” or go to www.ysskoprusuveotoyolu.com.tr to use Illegal Pass Query and Online Payment system. 


If you are not able to make the payment by visiting any of the branches of Ziraat Bankası or Halkbank within 15 days following your exit the motorway, you will be subject to a penalty of 4-fold of the passage fee + the regular toll passage fee, Notification Fee, Attorney Fee and other expenses. For instance; 10 TL passage fee + 40 TL penalty and you need to pay 50 TL. In addition, if legal proceeding was initiated, counsel fee, docket fee, notification fee, stamp duty and legal interests will be added to this amount of 50 TL. 

We do have OGS tolls on the motorway. You can use OGS or HGS lanes on the motorway according to your ticket type. When you exit the motorway, your OGS/HGS balance will be inquired and payment provision will be received from your bank, allowing you to pass the toll. Please lower your speed under 20 km/s and maintain the following distance with the leading vehicle. If no provision is received for any reason (unsufficient balance, communication error etc.), plase wait on the exit lane and you can pay by using your Credit Card or Debit Card or in cash with the assistance of our toll officer. 

All of the entrance tolls have ticketing system. In this case, press the button on the ticketing machine to take your ticket and continue your trip on the motorway. On this ticket, your license plate, code of the entered toll, date and hour of entrance will be indicated. On the exit, you should proceed to the cash tolls and pay your fee with your Credit Card, Debit Card or in cash. If you experience the same problem continously, you need to change your OGS/HGS ticket. 

If you have OGS/HGS card, according to your ticket type, you can pay by using the dedicated OGS or HGS tolls. If you do not have an OGS/HGS card, please take your ticket at the cash tolls to enter and pay the passage fee with your Credit Card, Debit Card or in cash at the cash toll before you exit. 

In case EMERGENCY when travelling on the motorway, including accidents, injuries, fire etc., you can call 161 Motorway Emergency Help Line which operates 24/7 to ask for help. This is a free line. You can also call for free 112 for Emergencies, 155 for Police and 156 for Gendarmerie. 

As per the decree of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center dated 19.08.2016 No:2016/5-1; vehicles carrying chemical substances and vehicles of class 2, 3, 4 and 5 are required to use the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.